For firms sending invoices with paper statements, the cost is significant. Costs can run as high as $3 to $8 per bill when you consider paper, printing, envelopes, postage, and labor costs. 

  • Automate e-mail invoice delivery to clients
  • Reduce costs of consumables (toner, paper, postage)
  • Reduce cost of staff labor
  • Increase staff efficiency & FTE per bill ratios
  • Track receipt of message to insure client received it
  • Faster payment from clients
  • Streamline and Automate Reminder Statements
  • Configurable Subject Lines & Email Body
  • Know where your money is at all times!



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Deliver better service to your clients with faster invoice distribution in the electronic format that they prefer.  Let us help you with a plan to reduce these costs and convert your paper billed clients to email invoicing.

BillBLAST eMailer enables you to automate and streamline email invoice delivery to your clients. Easily track and manage receipt of invoice by the client to insure you get the money in the door faster!