Deliver better service to your clients by insuring you are billing for the activities in compliance with their guidelines and save money for your firm by creating the efficiencies that currently lack within the billing team due to manual processes.  Let us help you with a plan to reduce these costs and streamline your ebilling processes.

Industry studies have shown that for law firms that are required to submit their bills electronically to client specified ebill websites, the cost is significant. Costs can run as high as $65 per bill when you consider bill editing, validating, submitting, tracking, training, realization, etc. 

BillBLAST eBiller is the #1 choice for managing your ebill process. From client dictated compliance, to submission and acceptance tracking, we can help you streamline your processes and get the money in the door faster!


  • Automate e-bill uploads to third party websites
  • Reduce e-bill submission costs
  • Shrink training and maintenance costs
  • Systematically track acceptance and payment status
  • Speed e-bill collection cycles
  • Decrease e-bill related write-offs
  • Increase staff efficiency & FTE per bill ratios
  • Faster payment from clients
  • Know where your money is at all times!

"BillBLAST saves us a tremendous amount of time in not having to go directly to the ebilling sites to check up on whether or not invoices have gotten approved,” said Patty Lynch, Firm Administrator at Carr Allison.




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